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Vendor: Banggood
Category: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Description: Features Threaded interface stainless steel corrosion resistant interface for connection to the level High precision blisters adjust the level of the tripod by using bubbles in the water Lifting rod fixing knob for fixing the lifting rod Lifting the handwheel the height of the tripod can be raised and lowered by clockwise or counterclockwise rotation Used to zoom the legs of the tripod Tripod foot fixed paddle user can easily open the foot then adjust the height of the foot close to fix the footSpecifications Material Alumium Alloy Level Tripod Height 100cm 39 3 120cm 47 2 150cm 59 Style 01 Level Base 02 100cm Level Tripod 03 120cm Level Tripod 04 150cm Level Tripod Package included 1x Level Tripod BaseMore details

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