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Status: true
Vendor: Banggood
Category: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Description: Features 1 With the addition of the ABS casing and the new packaging Compared to many customers using 3D printed housing it saves costs 2 Support typec typec line more convenient to connect to mobile phones Support to most Android phones with the same screen display Doesn t support for iPhone Solve the problem of small screen insufficient brightness and so on 3 Support time domain analysis function TDR 4 The battery usage can be displayed on the interface 5 The product serial number is attached to the back6 Changed the outer packaging the world cover hot stamping carton plastic inner protection Reduce problems caused by transportation shocks and other processes 7 Other details have been improved Specification PCB 54mm x 85 5mm x 11mm without the size of connectors switches Measurement Frequency 10KHz 1 5GHz RF Output 13dbm maximum 9dbm Frequency Accuracy 0 5ppm Measurement Range 70dB 50kHz 300MHz 50dB 300M 600MHz 40dB 600M 900MHz enable extended firmware Port SWR 1 1 Display 2 8 inch TFT 320×240 USB Interface USB Type C Communications Mode CDC Serial Power Supply USB 5V 120mA built in 650mAh electricity maximum charging current 0 8A Number of Calibration Points 101 Fixed Number of Scanning Points 101 Fixed Display Tracking 4 Marking 4 Save Setting 5 Measuring S parameters voltage standing wave ratio phase delay Smith chart and the likePackage included 1 x NanoVNA Host 2 8 inch touch screen and

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