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Vendor: Geekcreit
Category: DIY Electronic Kits
Description: 1 37 IN 1 Sensor Module Starter KitFeatures NOTE this item comes without handyy protective componet box A great package for Arduino experiments or as a basis for a larger project This is a set of 37 sensors ready to be connected up to a microcontroller e g Arduino or RaspberryPi Package Included 1 x Small Passive Buzzer Module KY 0061 x 2 color LED Module KY 0111 x Hit Sensor Module KY 0311 x Vibration Switch Module KY 0021 x Photo Resistor Module KY 0181 x Key Switch Module KY 0041 x Tilt Switch Module KY 0201 x 3 color Full color LED SMD Modules KY 0091 x Infrared Emission Sensor Module KY 0051 x 3 color LED Module KY 0161 x Hydrargyrum Open Optical Module KY 0171 x Yin Yi 2 color LED Module 3MM KY 0291 x Active Buzzer Module KY 0121 x Temperature Sensor Module KY 0131 x Automatic Flashing Colorful LED Module KY 0341 x Mini Magnetic Reed Modules KY 0211 x Hall Magnetic Sensor Module KY 0031 x Infrared Sensor Receiver Module KY 0221 x Class Bihor Magnetic Sensor KY 0351 x Magic Light Cup Module KY 0271 x Rotary Encoder Module KY 0401 x Optical Broken Module KY 0101 x Detect The Heartbeat Module KY 0391 x Reed Module KY 0251 x Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module KY 0321 x Hunt Sensor Module KY 0331 x Microphone Sound Sensor Module KY 0381 x Sensor Module KY 0081 x 5V Relay Module KY 0191 x Temperature Sensor Module KY 0011 x Temperature Sensor Module KY 0281 x Linear Magnetic Hall Sensors KY 0241 x Flame Sensor Module KY 0261 x Sensitive Microphone Sensor Module KY 0371 x Tem

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