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Vendor: Banggood
Category: Motorcycle Accessories & Parts
Description: Model 6800 Gas maskFeature 1 Material Safety The full face mask is made of high quality silicone non toxic soft comfortable durable safe and healthy Once worn it will effectively remove any traces of organic chemical vapors or fumes 2 Perfect Fit and Comfort Made of breathable mesh covered cotton material provides a comfortable feeling to your skin equipped with five point headband that can be easily adjusted Provide users with a wealth of replaceable accessories 3 Double Protection Professional full face mask adopts a double filter system which can effectively block 99 of organic vapor gas smoke pollen dust and other particles in the air Ideal protection for your work 4 Wide range of application The full face mask can block a variety of harmful substances as well as the work area of chemicals car paint glass metal paint agriculture formaldehyde and other irritating vapors gases Prevent dust particles from entering during mechanical work such as welding sawing grinding graffiti etc Instructions for use 1 Hold the end of the strap with both hands and pull it out so that the mask completely covers the mouth and nose area then fasten the fasteners behind the neck to seal the mask to the face 2 Pull the end of the strap again to tighten it further 3 Before use check whether the mask is well sealed When to replace the filter cotton When you feel that the breathing resistance is obviously too large the human body will feel uncomfortable

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