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Vendor: ANENG
Category: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Description: ANENG 683 High end Touch Smart MultimeterIntroduce This device is a 3 5 6 digital multimeter with stable performance and realiable quality The meter adopts LCD display screen with analog bar display Users in the process of use truly achievecontinuous power operation do not need to turn the dial to select functions According to the input ac DC voltage resistance will be automatically identified and measured It can be used to measure DC voltage AC voltage sine RMS DC Current AC current sine RMS resistance capacitance live line indication duty ratio diode on off test symbol unit data hold and automatic power off The meter is equipped with a high capacity rechargeable batteries with full function and accurate measurement The multimeter is an ideal tools for laboratory factory radio enthusiasts and household Summary Manual Range and Auto RangeFull range overloaded protectectionThe maximum voltage allowed between the measuring terminal and ground 1000V DC or 750V ACFuse Protection uA mA Display 6000 Counts LCD monitor with analog barBattery Type 3 7V 2800mA rechargeable batterySpecification DC Voltage Measuring RangeResolutionAccuracy6V 60V0 001V 0 01V 0 5 readings 3digits 600V 1000V0 1V 1 0V 0 8 readings 10digits AC Voltage Measuring RangeResolutionAccuracy6V 60V0 001V 0 01V 0 8 readings 3digits 600V 750V0 1V 1 0V 1 0 readings 10digits AC and AC CurrentMeasuring RangeResolutionAccuracy6000mA1mA 1 0 readings 5digits 10A0 01A 2 5 readings 10digits ResistanceMe

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