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Category: Laser Equipment
Description: Other Color Please Click HereDescription Compatible with All ATOMSTACK Engraving Machine Models ATOMSTACK laser cutting engraving air assisted accessories super airflow to remove dust quiet and easy to installSpecificationParameter 10 30L Min Adjustable airflow speed Noise Decibel 60dBPackage Weight 1KGAtomstack Air assist system for All Atomstack Laser Engraving Machine Features1 ATOMSTACK air auxiliary accessories equipped with 10 30L min adjustable airflow can effectively remove the dust generated in the process of laser cutting engraving prevent the dust from causing laser energy attenuation ensure the stability of laser energy and make your engraving engraving Cut pieces for best results 2 ATOMSTACK air assisted accessories powerful airflow can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the cutting engraving object prevent excessive burning and make the cutting edge cleaner and smoother 3 Only 60dB noise is generated during the working process which is similar to the volume of household electric fans when working giving you a quiet laser engraving and cutting environment 4 Easy to install and use no need to buy additional accessories just two steps to install and use 5 Compatible with the following engraving machine models Atomstack A5 10W Atomstack A5 20W Atomstack A5 30W Atomstack A5 ProAtomStack A5 Pro Atomstack Pro AtomStack A5 M40Atomstack A5 M50Atomstack A5 M50 ProAtomstack X7Atomstack X7 Pro Atomstack S10 Pro AtomStack A10 PROAtomStac

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