Old price: 56.69
Price: 39.99

Status: true
Vendor: Baofeng
Category: Walkie Talkies
Description: Features 1 1 77 color Screen2 Frequency Range FM 65 108MHz RX AM 108 130MHz RX VHF1 350 355MHz RX VHF2 136 174MHz TXRX VHF3 200 260MHz TX RX UHF 400 520MHz TxRx 3 1000 Memory Channels 5W Output Power4 NoAA weather broadcast Channels5 GPS Beidou position and location Sharing in the Groups6 Wireless Frequency and its Sub tone Copy two radio shall be keep 30cm at least far away for a accurate copy 7 Dual Watch Dual Standby8 Three Scan Modes Time Carrier Search9 V0X Voice Operated Transmission 10 Alarm Mode Site Code Tone11 Side Key 2 Customized12 Frequency Hopping12 1000 1450 1750 2100Hz Tone13 CTCSS DCS Scan14 Roger Beep15 DTMF16 Two Lamp Beads Torch Stronger Flashlight17 1800mAh Rechargeable Battery18 FM Radio Broadcast 65 108MHz 19 IP54 Waterproof20 Type C Charging BatteryPackage Include 1 UV 17Pro Radio Body1 7 4V 1800mah Li ion Battery Pack1 SMA Female Dual Band Antenna1 Desktop Charger with Correct Adapter for your Country1 Belt Clip1 Handstrap1 ENG Manual

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