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Category: Module Board
Description: Description 3S 12 6V 40A lithium battery protection board comes with recovery function AUTO Recovery Scope Nominal voltage of 3 7V lithium battery including 18650 26650 polymer lithium battery Product Size 41 60 3 4mm Balanced version Charging voltage 12 6V 13 6V Continuous discharge current upper limit 40A if the cooling environment is not good please reduce the load current Continuous charge current upper limit 20A Balanced version Suitable for electric drill with starting current below 80A and power below 170W with balanced charging function Note 1 To successful starting the drill requires three 15C 20C power batteries or six 10C 15C power batteries ordinary 18650 battery can not start the drill Note 2 When you wiring 0V 4 2V 8 4V 12 6V please do it strictly according to the wiring diagram Do not deliberately make it short circuit Note 3 When the battery is charging the 430 resistance heating is normal it means the balance circuit is working If the 430 resistance is also heating without charging please check if the wrong wire is connected Note 4 Do not use a mix of good battery and poor battery please make sure each battery is the same in capacity and internal resistance Note 5 balanced charge is only auxiliary functions try not to put a good battery and poor battery mixed together 3 sets of battery capacity resistance closer to the better 2 good battery 1 Poor battery use effect 3 poor battery use effect

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