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Status: true
Vendor: FNIRSI
Category: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Description: Please click here to download the Chinese and English manualMain Features ● 3 In 1 Function This product integrates digital oscilloscope transistor tester and signal generator functions into one machine ● Digital Oscilloscope Function With the real time sampling rate of 10MS s and bandwidth of 500Khz Support maximum measurement of 400V voltage signal With complete trigger function automatic single regular Equipped with an efficient button AUTO ● Transistor Tester Function Automatically identify and measure various transistors including NPN and PNP triode N channel and P channel metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor JFET diodes double diodes thyristors as well as resistors inductors capacitors field effect transistor etc passive component Auto detect pin definitions ● Signal Generator Function 6 kinds of signal waveforms sinewave pulsewave trianglewave rampwave direct current 1 100KHz adjustable output frequency 3 3V adjustable output voltage 0 100 adjustable output duty ratio ● Tool Box Function Automatically analyze specific Protocol infrared code Other function modes including circuit continuity test 0 40V input voltage measurement PWM output 0 32V diode measurement temperature and humidity sensors measurement etc ● 2 4inch Digital TFT Display TFT color screen high resolution display with LED backlight with bright colors and high contrast ● High Accuracy Infrared decoding design quick response accu

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