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Category: Woodworking Tools
Description: Description FONSON Upgrade Extended Lengthen Woodworking Thin Rip Guide Table Saw Fast Cutting Limit Fence Sliding Roller Workbench T Track Adjustable Positioning Fixing ToolProvides a perfectly safe stop on the offcut side of the blade that delivers the same sized strips over and over again as you move your fence closer to the blade Specification MaterialAluminum alloyAdjustable range59 146mmApplicationFor 19mm 30mm standard T Slot TrackFeatures Roller sliding tenon setting when pushing the plate for cutting the roller plays the role of driving the plate forward Upgrade lengthen size meets different machine needs Compatible with 19mm 30mm standard T slot track Using the Thin Rip Guide is so easy Jut slide the guide into the T track miter slot of your table saw and lock it a few inches in front of the saw blade Set the dimension you wan on the laser engraved scale lock your fence so your stock is just touching the bearings and make the cut Repeat as needed with each strip the same size as the first Calibrating the scale to your saw couldn t be simpler Just bring the bearings up until they touch the tooth of the saw blade and adjust the sale indrcator to the nearest mark Now you can set the dimension of your strips without having to compensate for the thickness ofyou saw blade Scales for both milimeter and inches arelsrer engraved on the anodized aluminum body to the same tolerance The Thin Rip Guide is machined from aluminunm alloy Durable and long servic

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