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Vendor: Geekcreit
Category: Laser Equipment
Description: Main feature 1 Built in high pressure air assisted nozzle The upgraded S9 is equipped with an advanced high pressure air assisted metal nozzle which can generate high pressure airflow under the air pump greatly improving the cutting efficiency which is more than 5 times faster than the cutting speed without air assistance The powerful airflow blows away the residue making the cut surface very clean 2 Comes with a 30L min air pump in the package It comes with a strong and durable 30L min air pump in the package which can be used directly without purchasing an additional air pump 3 Ultra fine and high density 5W laser shaping technology the same 0 08mm focus ultra fine laser beam as S9 higher energy density stronger cutting penetration and engraving ability 4 Faster stronger and cleaner Combining advanced high speed air assist and 10W high energy density laser the upgraded version of S9 reflects industrial grade wood cutting performance First the cutting efficiency is greatly improved and the cutting is faster Second the cutting penetration is stronger and many high density woods can be cut third the cutting surface is cleaner and the strong airflow blows away the residue so that the surface of the cutting object is free of any stains 5 Industrial grade cutting accuracy The upgraded version of S9 adopts the extremely sturdy and high precision linear slide rail X axis making it reach industrial grade engraving accuracy When comparing small engravi

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