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Price: 6.99

Status: true
Vendor: Banggood
Category: Walkie Talkies
Description: ´╗┐Description With a magnetic base you can install this antenna on the roof of your car a useful walkie talkie accessory when driving Length Comparation between UT 102UV UT 106UV UT 108UV UT 102UV 25 2cm UT 106UV 33cm UT 108UV 46 5cm Features 1 All of our items are brand new2 Telescopic and ordinary antenna included can be interchangeable and easy to disassemble and carry3 Connector Type SMA F Female 4 Band Dual Band VHF UHF5 Frequency 144 430MHz6 Gain 3 2dBi VHF 5 6dBi UHF 7 Max Power 50W8 V S W R Less than 1 59 Impedance 50ohm10 Diameter 0 5cm11 Telescopic antenna length 22cm retracted 94 8cm full length 12 Ordinary antenna length 22 3cm13 Bare ordinary antenna length 16 3cm14 Bare telescopic antenna length 16 cm retracted 88 8cm full length 15 The base length 7cm16 Net weight 87gApplicable Model KenwoodTK 360 TK 370 TK 370G TK 372 TK 372G TK 3100 TK 3140 TK 3160 TK 3170 TK 3180 TK 3200 TK 3202 TK3207LINTONLT 3288 LT 6288 LT 3188 LT 2188 LT 3260 LT 3268 LT6188 LT3288PUXINGPX 777 PX 777 PLUS PX 666 PX 888WEIERWEIVEV 3288S VEV 6288 VEV 3288QUANSHENGTG K4AT TG 2AT TG 45AT TG 42AT TG 22AT TG 25AT TG UVWOUXUNKG 689 KG 689 PLUS KG 669 KG 669 PLUS KG 659 KG 699E KG UVD1HYTTC 268 TC 268S TC 368 TC 368S TC 370S TC 500 TC 500STYTTH UVF1 T2 F6 300 500 600 800 900 9900BAOFENGBF 666S BF 777S BF 888S BF 320 BF 480 BF 490 BF V6 BF V8 BF 388A BF UV5R BF UV5RA BF UV5RB BF UV5RC BF UV5RD

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