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Category: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Description: Description Hello everyone this is a professional oscilloscope provided by the MUSTOOL Team120MHz bandwidth and 500MSps sampling rateIt is not just an oscilloscope but also has 4 speeds of square iwave signal output function 1kHz 10KHz 100KHz 1MHz Portable hand held sufficient power can achieve 6 hours of battery lifeOne key automatic measurement of waveforms with one X1 X10 oscilloscope probe included12 kinds of parameter measurement Vpp Vrms Vavg Vp Vmax Vmin F T T T Du Du Specifications Display320x240 LCD screenDisplay area50mm x 40mmBacklightWhite brightness adjustableImpedance x1 1MΩ x10 10MΩBattery 18650 lithium batteryAuto shutdownNo operation for 15 minutesStorage2500 DSO waveformsSize 124 X 80 X 35mmUse conditions 0C 40℃ 75 RHStoroge conditions 10C 60℃ 90 RHAnalog bandwidth120MHzVertical resolution8 bitsVertical accuracy ± 5 0 2div Auto zero referenceDuring DC meosurementTrigger level ±3 8div 0 1div per step Trigger position± 6div 0 1div per step Cursor function △V △t 1 △tMeasuremer couocyy ± 5 0 2div Non linearity ±1 bitsCoupling method DC ACDivisionVerical ±3 8 Horizontal 12Time base range 6ns div 50s divTime base accuracy ± 0 01 0 1div Scan modeAuto Single NormalTrigger slope Rising FallingRecord length 12divMaximum real time sampling rate 500MSpsAuto configuration Automatically set time base and vertical amplitudeAulomatic measurement functionVpp Vrms Vavg Vp Vmax Vmin F T T T Du Du Vertical sensifvity r

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