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Vendor: Banggood
Category: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Description: Description The Magnetic Base has permanent magnet inside the metal block body with the on off or switch to open or shade the magnetic field to hold on the ferrous metal surface or remove the magnetic base The magnetic base has the screw hole on the top surface to install holderfor dial indicator gauge line cutting arm lifting bar and etc Note 1 The Magnetic holding force is depend on the holding ferrous material thickness flatness roughness and etc 2 30kg is the type tested max holding break force not the bending or friction force 3 Because of the interior magnet is made of strong Ndfeb material the rotating support is special so operate the switchSpecification BaseModelMagnetic Base Size mm Holding ForceKgScrew HoleMaterialWeightLengthWidthHeightPanelSwitchKgNF H36303530M5MetalPlastic0 20MB 6D60505560M8x1 250 95MB 8D60505580M80 95MB 10D745055100M81 19MB 12D1205055120M81 95MB 15D1266052150M82 30 Package includes 1 X NF H Magnetic BaseDetails pictures

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