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Vendor: RALAN
Category: Video Games Equipment & Accessories
Description: Feature Multi platform compatibility Support PS3 PS4 PS5 only support PS4 games Android HID Apple MFI PC for Nintendo SwitchMulti motor simulation vibration The vibration of the motor can be adjusted to enhance the sense of substitution in the gameR2 and L2 trigger motors simulate vibration Simulate the accelerator of a real world car The deeper the button is pressed the faster the acceleration of the car in the game The button motor can control the vibration according to the game simulation quantitySix axis gyroscope Rich direction jumping and other somatosensory gameplay bringing a better gaming experienceCool colors 7 color RGB lights with the game to create smart and dreamy effectsCreative touchpad release skills big move Support drag and drop sliding touch multi point simultaneous input and other methodsTurbo one click burst Press the Turbo button one click burst free your hands3D competitive joystick speed adjustment Dual 360° high accuracy joysticks sensitive steering to help players complete fine tuning aiming and other difficult actions easy lock to make shooting easierSupport back expansion keys macro keys can be set Expansion keys can be customized through the combination of keys making the operation more convenient and quickComes with 3 5mm headphone jack There is a headphone jack at the bottom of the handle you can enjoy the sound effects in the game by inserting the headphones and eliminate other noises from the outside worldAt the

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