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Vendor: Speedybee
Category: RC Parts
Description: Specifications Product NameSpeedyBee F405 WING FC boardMCUSTM32F405 168MHz 1MB FlashIMU GyroAccelerometer ICM 42688 PBarometerSPL006 001OSD ChipAT7456EBlackboxMicroSD Card SlotUART6 sets USART1 USART2 USART3 UART4 UART5 UART6 Dedicated for Wireless board Telemetry connection I2C1x Used for magnetometer digital airspeed sensorADC4x VBAT Current RSSI Analog AirSpeed PWM12x 11 LED pad ELRS CRSF receiverSupported connected to UART1SBUSBuilt in inverter for SBUS input UART2 RX LED3x LEDs for FC STATUS Blue Green and 3 3V indicator Red 1x RGBRSSISupported Named as RS Supported FC FirmwareINAV SpeedyBeeF405WING default ArduPilot SpeedyBeeF405WINGWeight8 9gProduct NameSpeedyBee F405 WING PDB boardInput Voltage Range7 36V 2 6S LiPo Battery Voltage SensorConnect to FC board VBAT 1K 10K Scale 1100 in iNav BATT VOLT MULT 11 0 in ArduPilot Battery Current Sensor90A continuous 215A peak Connect to FC board Current Scale 195 in iNav 50 A V in ArduPilot TVS Protective diodeYesFC BEC outputOutput 5 2V 0 1V DC Continuous current 2 4 Amps 3A Peak Designed for FC Receiver GPS module AirSpeed module Telemetry module WS2812 LED StripVTX BEC outputOutput 9V 0 1V DC Continuous current 1 8 Amps 2 3A Peak Voltage adjustable 9V Default 12V or 5V via jumper Designed for Analog Video Transmitter Digital Video Transmitter Camera Servo BEC outputOutput 4 9V 0 1V DC Continuous current 4 5 Amps 5 5A Peak Voltage adjustable 4 9V Default 6V or 7 2V via jump

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