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Vendor: W new
Category: Woodworking Tools
Description: Description Potect hands and prevent kickaback like never before Powerful high friction durable grip for extreme hold Precision cutting and control down to 1 4 ripping Fully adjustable for easy handling Work with small stock safely on the table saw Router table Jointer and band saw 3 Directional Force for total control of the workpiece Specification Materialengineering plasticSize140x215x125mm Weight1 1kgFeature Safety for your hands Three directions of force gives you superior precision control and safety 1 Downward Virtually eliminates kickaback 2 Inward Keeps stock firmly against the fence 3 Forward Controls and feeds both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts Superior prip and traction The proprietary non slip material that gives you superior gripping power over workpieces and materials such as oak cherry walnut ebony pine poplar maple plastics and aluminum Treaded grooves provide increased traction on the workpiece even with sawdust Easily cleaned with denatured or rubbing alcohol No other push block s grip comes close Virtually eliminates kickaback Unique design provides downward force controlling the keeper and off cut workpiece This prevents the workpiece from lifting up off the table virtually eliminating kickaback Inward Pressure keeps the workpiece guiding along the fence preventing it from catching the rear rising teeth This gives you a smoother cleaner and safer cut Work safer Package Included 1 x Wnew 3D Table Saw Pushblock

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