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Category: Module Board
Description: Features 1 LCD can display input output voltage output current output power output capacity output time 2 CNC adjustment accurate and fast can boost and lower voltage output voltage can be adjusted at will from 0 5 30v limit current 0 4a can be adjusted at will 3 Anti reverse connection protection of input end which will not burn out 4 Anti reverse irrigation at the output end no additional anti reverse irrigation diode is needed to charge the battery 5 The module can be set to open close by default 6 Multiple software protection mechanisms are available and the protection threshold is adjustable When the working parameters of the module exceed the protection threshold the output will be automatically closed 7 Output ripple is small and PI filter is available 8 Thicken radiator fins Specifications Input voltage 5 0 30vOutput voltage 0 5 30vOutput current can work stably at 3A for a long time and can reach 4A under enhanced heat dissipationOutput power natural heat dissipation 35W strengthen heat dissipation 50WVoltage display resolution 0 01VCurrent display resolution 0 001AConversion efficiency about 88 Soft start yes with high power and load module may fail when starting Protection mechanism Input anti reverse connection Output anti reverse irrigation Input undervoltage protection 4 8 30V adjustable default 4 8v Output overvoltage protection 0 5 31V adjustable default 31V Output overcurrent protection 0 4 1a adjustable default 4 1a Overp

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